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Governor Upham House getting fresh wallpaper!

Jan 04, 2023

Closed for tours January & February, but office hours remain the same.

The Governor WH House will be closed for tours in January and February 2023.

In early 2022 the house sustained damage to the east wall of the house due to honeybees establishing combs. In summer 2022, the outer wall was repaired and the bees excluded. However, due to the vast amount of rain in early spring, water had seeped in between clapboards and into a window casement, which then ran into the library room. This caused considerable damage to existing wallpaper as well as the window.

As January and February tend to be slower months for house tours, the Board of Directors chose to take the opportunity to repair the affected window and re-wallpaper the parlor and library.

We will reopen the first week in March and hope you stop by and see the fresh look!